Calculations Reference

Intelligent Reports supports simple calculation expressions that let you insert calculated values in to your reports. You can use it for calculating the cost of projects, average velocity of sprints and more. Calculations can also be used inside JQL queries evaluated in Intelligent Reports.

This reference starts with some common examples to get you started, then explains the functions and operations available for detailed reference.

This reference provides an outline of the following:

  • Calculation examples
    This section outlines some examples of calculations to help get you started with using calculations in Intelligent Reports.

  • Operators
    This section outlines the operators which can be used in your calculations.

  • Objects
    This section outlines how JIRA objects can be accessed in your calculations.

  • Lists
    This section outlines how lists can be used in your calculations.

  • Accessing JIRA data
    This section outlines how you can access your JIRA objects in your calculations.

  • Functions
    This section outlines the functions that you can use in your calculations.

  • Methods
    This section outlines the methods that you can use in your calculations.

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