Adding a rule action

Rule actions allow you to specify what JIRA data you want to insert into your report and where. If you want your rule actions to only be executed if certain conditions are met, you will also need to specify rule conditions.

You can follow these steps to add new actions to an existing rule in your report template.

  1. Navigate to the Templates page.

  2. Click on the Edit link next to the template containing the rule you want to add a rule action to.
    Selecting the template to edit

Click the edit link next to the template you want to edit to navigate to the Edit Template page for that template.

  1. You should now be able to see the Edit Template page. Click the Edit link next to the rule you want to edit in the Rules section. Selecting the rule to edit

Click the Edit link next to the rule you want to edit to view and edit that rule.

  1. Click the Add New Action button to add a new action to the rule. Adding a new action to a rule

You can use the **Add New Action** button to add as many actions as you need.

  1. You can click here to find out more about the different types of actions that you can specify in your rules.

Once you have finished, you can click OK to save your changes. If there are rule conditions specified, the actions you have specified will only be executed if those conditions are met. If you want your actions to always be executed, or executed if different conditions are satisfied, you will need to create a new rule and specify those actions in that rule.

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