Running a report

Intelligent Reports allows you to generate one off reports and scheduled reports. One off reports are immediately generated and downloaded through the browser and are useful for running irregular reports such as release notes or reports regarding service requests.

Any JIRA user can generate a report; however the report will only contain data that that user is able to view according to JIRA’s existing permissions.

Intelligent Reports comes with pre installed example reports, so even if you haven't yet set up your reports you can follow the instructions below to run one of the example reports.

Running a one off report

You can follow these steps to generate a one off report.

  1. Navigate to the Intelligent Reports Generate Report page from the top JIRA menu.

  2. Select one of the reports from the drop down list and fill in the required details (if any). Run a one-off report

  3. Click the Download button. Your report will download through your browser.

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