JIRA Microsoft Word Agile story card template

This free example template for the Intelligent Reports for JIRA plugin creates an agile story card for any issue in Atlassian JIRA. This story card is automatically filled in with issue details and is presented in a handwritten font in keeping with the tradition of agile story cards. You can use it to print your JIRA issues in a short form useful for agile design and planning.

This agile story card is created ready to print with a click of a button. Instantly be ready for your agile planning activities. There is also another free example template project story cards which creates a single document with story cards for each story in an entire project.

As with all Intelligent Reports templates the agile story card template is customizable in Microsoft Word to allow you to insert your own formatting and customize the issue data that is exported into the template. In addition, since the story cards are generated as a Microsoft Word docx document you can easily modify story cards before printing them, making it easy to add additional notes, or any other content that is required.

Using a template gives accurate story cards and saves time that can be better spent planning and designing.

The agile story card template is included when you first install the Intelligent Reports plugin for JIRA.


We have limited this template to the default issue fields in JIRA so that it will work immediately for everyone. Here are a few ideas for customizing the template, none of which should take you more than a few minutes:

  • Modify the template to reflect your own style. Simply open the template docx file and change it in Microsoft Word.
  • Add additional fields such as issue severity to the story card.
  • Add policy enforcement rules, such as only story issues can be used to generate story cards. This acts as a check that issues have the appropriate type in JIRA.
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