Getting Started

If you are using Intelligent Reports for the first time, you can read this section about generating reports, then follow the template creation tutorial.

Intelligent Reports allows you to automatically create Microsoft Word reports from your JIRA data with the click of a button. You can use Intelligent Reports to automatically generate:

  • Progress reports
  • Status reports
  • Release notes
  • Organization KPIs and metrics
  • Service requests
  • Employee KPI reports
  • Team or department performance
  • Linked ticket reports
  • SLA reports
  • And more ...

Intelligent reports allows you to create completely customized reports. Based on document automation technology, Intelligent Reports allows you to use any Microsoft Word document as the template for your report. This means that you can easily add your company logos and format the reports according to your company's branding guidelines in Microsoft Word. This template can then be filled in using practically any data from JIRA. All reports are created as Microsoft Word documents so you can even edit them to add final touches such as conclusions before sending them to clients and management.

Still have questions? Contact our friendly support team, we are here to help!