Accessing your JIRA data

Intelligent Reports provides several ways to access your JIRA data.

Report Questions

The users answers to the report template questions are available through the questions object. The report questions are properties of the questions object. You can access them using a . followed by the question name.


If the question name contains spaces or special characters you must wrap it in double quotes.

questions."Fixed Issue"

Repeating Items and Groups

Inside subrules of repeat actions you can access the repeating item or repeating group. The repeating item is a single object, while the repeating group is a list of objects.


If you have a repeat rule nested inside another repeat rule, rules inside the inner repeat rule can access the repeating item and group of the outer repeat rule by using the parent field on the repeating object.


JQL Queries

You can execute a JQL query inside a calculation. To do this you use the jql function which takes the JQL query as a string argument. The jql function always returns a list of issues.

jql("created >= -7d")

If you need to use double quotes inside your JQL query use backslash to escape them.

jql("status = \"In Progress\"")

You can also use embedded Intelligent Reports calculations inside the JQL query by enclosing the calculation in braces.

jql("project = {questions.Version.project}")

Global Collections

You can use global collections to access the complete list of JIRA objects of a particular type. The following object types are supported. Note that the objects will not be listed in any particular order. For example all.projects may not necessarily list the projects in alphabetical order.


If you have JIRA Agile installed, the rapid view board global collection is also available.

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