Conditionally executing a rule

In most cases, you would want Intelligent Reports to execute all rules. However, on occasion you may only want to execute a rule if a certain condition or multiple conditions are met. For example, if the project does not have any issues, then you may want to delete placeholder for the table. For all projects that have issues, you would want Intelligent Reports to fill the table with the data from those issues. You can specify this using rule conditions.

In some cases, you may want to only execute a rule if multiple conditions are met. In this case you can specify whether you want the rule to be executed only if all conditions are met or if any one or more conditions are met. You can do this by selecting all or any from the drop down list.

Specifying whether any or all conditions need to be met

The above screenshot shows a rule which will only be executed if there are no issues in the epic.

This section will take you through the following:

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